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Last night I went to Starbucks and when the guy finished my drink, he bent down and wispered, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” I just smiled and took my drink, and while I was leaving I heard the other worker saying: “WOULD YOU STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR INSPERATIONAL SHIT!” and the guy responded with, “Gurl, there is no way in hell I am letting you dull my sparkle.” 

Oh my god. 

(Source: itsthethoughtofyou)


Jim didn’t know who was more surprised when Spock hugged him. Spock had initiated the contact, but his body was tense, unsure. Jim wasn’t taking any chances. He’d died behind glass last week, eyes filled with Spock’s science blue shirt and aching human eyes. He would never hide again.

He pressed his face into Spock’s shoulder and sighed. “I’m okay, Spock. It’s okay.”

Spock tightened his grip on Jim. “I am not quite certain I believe you, Captain.” 

Jim slid his fingers up Spock’s back, hesitating only a moment before touching the Vulcan’s soft, silky hair. Spock made a noise in the back of his throat and tried to retreat. Jim held him there. 

"I want you to know why I had to go back for you," he whispered. 

"I know why," Spock said quietly, and that was all the invitation Jim needed. 

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